All our English language training courses are held by a "Native English speaker" who has been designing, adapting and teaching courses in colleges, universities, education authorities, local businesses, local authorities and multinational companies since 1991 here in Finland.

Companies and organisations that require immediate English language assistance are offered a “Hand holding” service where we will help them, acting on their behalf with communications, negotiations and all other areas required to successfully carry out their business in English.

We have an extensive knowledge of the Finnish language and can assist in helping you to understand English as used in contracts and agreements with companies that use English as their working language.

Amongst our courses are ‘Conversational English’, ‘Presentation Skills’ including ‘Small Talk’ and many more. Courses can be designed and adapted to suit your requirements.

We assisted and contributed to the establishing of the English taught degree courses at RATOL which were started in 1998 and our role included assisting and training the staff in the use of English, Cultural awareness of the foreign student intake and continued development of using English as a teaching language.